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Feet in Bathtub

Bath Bombs

Anti-Inflammatory Bath Bombs 

These bath bombs were created to decrease inflammation, swelling, and pain. Epsom Salt is known to soothe tired muscles, and reduce swelling. Comfrey Leaf is known as the "bone knitter" and has shown to be beneficial in healing sore or injured muscles, fractures, as well as aiding in slowing down the processes of osteoporosis. Marshmallow root has many benefits, along with promoting over all skin health, it has antioxidant qualities and aids in pain relief. 


Make these at home to have for your injuries, sore muscles, or aches & pains from the flu!

 - 1 cup Epsom Salt -

- 1/2 cup Marshmallow root -

- 1/2 cup Comfrey Leaf  -

Combined into a reusable small cheese cloth bag, use in a hot bath for 30-45 mins. 

For foot soaks use half of directed amounts.

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Neat Computer Desk

Work Station

Let's Talk Proper Ergonomics!

As a society we have transitioned into working from home more often than not. Working on the computer or at a desk for long hours can really take a toll on our bodies. Having a work station that is best for your body is a GAME CHANGER. 

Here are some recommendations we have for updating your home office to keep you working and out of pain. 


Use this reference photo to set up your work space!

Get Better    &    
Stay Better!

Items you can use at home to keep you feeling your best! 


Milus Chiropractic is for your total health.

Metagenics® is our trusted brand for Nutritional Supplements. These are the supplements we recommend most to our patients. 

If you're a patient of ours and you have any questions regarding supplements or substitutional brands, please contact us or ask us at your next visit!

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